Lily of the Mohawks

Today is the feast of Saint Kateri Tekawitha. She is also called Lily of the Mohawks. My plans for celebrating today had to change. Since she is the patron saint of the environment. I wanted to take the little ones outside, clean up the yard, maybe plant something to take care of the plants… but it is raining and storming so that isn’t happening.

Instead we listened to the podcast from shining light dolls. We also played with our puzzle which has her on there. Tonight we will be reading her story out of Saints Around the World by Meg Hunter Kilmer. My little ones are excited for her story tonight.

For dinner we are low key. We will be having fish, with squash and corn.

Here are some images of the doll I made for her.

I hop you celebrate her.

Story time with the Saints

Something I am very excited about is coming up. This Friday, I will be leading a story time with the saints. I am also very very nervous. So please, please pray that it goes well. I will be introducing all the saints, so it will kind of be like an all saints celebration but in summer. I wanted to do something like that because, well, I feel like the saints are needed and if you don’t know who or what a saint is, it is kind of hard to celebrate a saint. Below I posted some of my saint stuff and a little one playing with the Saints after lunch.

From there, families will then learn about certain saints. looking at my saint day calenders, there are so many saints to pick from that I am having a hard time deciding which ones to read about. Of course I am limited with my options until I get more saint books. I am hoping to have more saint books soon, but that involves money.

I really want to get the following books that I posted below. They have saints in them that my current collections does not have. If you click the images, they will take you to the Amazon link to buy them.

Anyways, please pray for me and I will pray for you.



Welcome back

Hello all!

I pretty much just too a month long break from writing. My May/June ended up being a lot busier than I had planned. I spent a lot of time knitting and working on my sweater as well as working on my saint doll patterns. At first I felt good giving up my pattern, but now I feel a bit uncertain. I think I really need to pray more about what to do with my patterns. I want my dolls out there and to be seen and to teach others about the joy and love of the church, but I just don’t know.

Anyways. I have finished up my sweater. I worked with Knit Picks and used their Swish Yarn to knit up my sweater. I loved working on my sweater, but found designing a sweater is a lot harder than I thought. I needed help measuring my self. Then there was the math of how many stitches I needed. I did look at a lot of sweater patterns I have for how many stitches they used for someone my size which was helpful. I also had to rework my neckline a few times.

I am going to be making my sweater again (I need to order more knit picks yarn in a different color) to see if I can replicate what I wrote down, before I find testers and release my pattern. I do have to say, I loved working with Swish yarn and plan to work with it again in the future. It is very soft and stretchy, so please account for that when making projects with it.



World NF day

Today (May 17th) is World NF day! I mentioned in my May, May, May post that May is a hard month. Below I will be posting some images found from the Children’s Tumor Foundation . Yes, there are a lot of images that I will be sharing. I know I could break it up in to multiple posts, but if I am honest, sometimes, I don’t have the emotional energy to break it up. Especially now.

It is hard being a parent of a child with NF. It is very hard knowing that if not for NF I would have my older brother. It is hard. NF is hard. This week is hard.

May May May

May is a hard month for me. May is my birthday month and up until 2018, it was a month where I was happy and celebrated. Okay, actually, 2017- things changed a bit and I will get to that, but 2018, things really changed.

Right now I am putting a content and trigger warning on this post because it deals with death. A lot of loss and death. If that is hard for you, please skip the next few paragraphs. In fact, I will put those in a different color, so skip until it goes back to black.

May has a lot few days of celebrations in my family, my birthday, Mother’s day, my little sister’s birthdays, and memorial day. See, all days to celebrate. May is also the month in which the Catholic church honors Mother Mary. As someone who has always loved Mary, this month is well, supposed to be my month. Then December, to be more precised Christmas, of 2016 happened. I suffered my first miscarriage. Losing a baby over Christmas, when the world is rejoicing about a baby being born is hard.I had to distance myself from others expecting. Which meant, sadly, I had to distance my self a bit from my older brother. Don’t get me wrong, I was super excited for him to be a father again. Yet, I was also very jealous. It took me some time to get over that jealousy and things were better. What helped the most was naming our miscarried baby. We named him Elijah. When Mother’s day rolled around in 2017, it felt like there was someone missing. (I know there was someone missing) Summer of 2017 came and we were expecting again. I was so excited. But the very end of August, I lost the baby. I guess the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks, but my body didn’t know until closer to 10 weeks. I lost that baby the weekend on of my other brothers got married. That was hard. That loss was very hard. I saved her little body and we buried her at the local cemetery here. We named her Avia. Life went one and then in 2018 I was pregnant again. This time I was a ball of nerves.

Everything seemed to be going.. okay. I was in and out of the hospital getting IV fluids because of HG, but the baby was growing. May 18th, 2018 my oldest brother died. He “took” his own life with a hand gun. I don’t know how I made it through the next few weeks. All I know is some how, my HG settled to being controlled with just two medicines instead of me needing fluids. So, that happened. and ever since then, May just hasn’t been the same. It is hard to be excited when I know I would have a almost 4 year old, and a 3 year old but I don’t. Although, if I had those babies, my Sweet Pea and Star Sweeper wouldn’t be here. It is hard to celebrate this month when there is such a loss in our family.

That being said, May is supposed to be a time for celebrating. So we try our best to celebrate. We celebrate my birthday (Which was last Sunday) and we celebrate Mother’s Day. We celebrate my sisters and celebrate Memorial Day. We also honor Mary and the other saints whose feast days are in May. Lots of people do a Mary crowning in May. We haven’t, but maybe we will. What I have done is set up my Mary Garden. next to my Mary statue outside, I planted a pink Rose bush and a Yellow climbing Rose bush. The Yellow one will climb all around Mary. I planted Morning Glories which will also climb around her. Then there are the lilies that have been planted by her and the white daisies. Hopefully when they all bloom it will look beautiful.

There are some other May Days to celebrate:

May 1st- St.Joseph the Workman and St .Peregrine

May 3rd- St. James the just and St. Philip

May 13th Our Lady of Fatima

May 22nd St. Rita

May 30th St. Joan of Arc

I am sure there are more, but those are who I know off the top of my head. So please let me know if I missed anyone. I am not sure who we will celebrate this month, but we will celebrate.

Tuesday Knit Tips #2

Alright, here are some more of my Tuesday knitting tips. I know I didn’t get to post this last week. I was busy. Very busy. Some times that happens. As a mom, it is hard to balance the kids, knitting, and living litgurgically. Like right npw, I have no idea what we will do for dinner. I know that today is May 4th, (Starwars day) and am thinking about maybe making some Star wars themed food, but what??? So do you have any advice on that? (BTW- I have never seen all of the Star Wars movies. I have just seen parts here and there. My husband loves Star Wars and same with my kiddos.)

Alrighty, time for my knitting tips. I don’t have much today. Just three.

I really want to stress or emphasize practicing. It is very important for tension and gauge. If you are too tight or too loose your project won’t look right. Not only that, but your stitches may look uneven. Which is way practicing is very important with knitting.

That is all for today. Ciao,


Catherine of Siena

Today is going to be an educational post. I don’t have anything fun planned today, as I have a little one going to the doctos today and it will be a long day. So I am typing this up quickly to let you know that April 29th is the feast day of Catherine of Siena.

Image of St. Catherine of Siena
Catherine of Siena

Who is Catherine of Siena you may be asking. She is what I like to call one of the bada** saints. She was born in March of 1347 during a plague. She was one of 25 children, but most of her brothers and sisters didn’t survive infancy. At the age of 16, one of her sisters died, and Catherine’s parents wanted her to marry her brother in law. Catherine wanted non of that. She cut her hair and fasted to change her appearance. Her parents at first were mad, but then they understood and gave up on pushing her to marry her brother in law. They let her join the order of Dominicans. IT was there that Catherine learned to read.

At the age of 21, everything changed for Catherine and she became what is know as a mystic. It is said that she had a mystical marriage with Jesus where she was given a ring. Here is where it gets interesting some scholars say the ring was just a jeweled ring, but others say it was Jesus’s foreskin. In her writings Saint Catherine said it was Jesus’s foreskin, but that it was invisible as well. So, we won’t know until we die and hopefully go to heaven ourselves.

Being a mystic made Catherine go from being the shy quiet type to the loud get things done/listen to what I have to say type. At this point there is so much to type up about her that I am going to pick and choose my favorites. She fought for peace, and yelled at the pope. She demanded the pope go back to Rome and he listened. She ended up creating an order of women with in church and became a doctor of the church. She is a very influential saint.

I hope you enjoyed your brief history lesson on her and find a way to celebrate her today.



The Feast of Saint Mark

Happy April 25th. Today is the Feast of Saint Mark the evangelist. Saint Mark wrote what is known as the oldest and shortest of the 4 gospels. Saint Mark (like Saint Luke) was not one of the 12 apostles of Jesus. Some believe he is the naked man described in his gospel, but no one knows for certain. One thing everyone can agree on is Saint Mark’s gospel gets right to the point.

I love this meme.

Not much is known about Saint Mark other than he knew Saint Peter. His symbol (all of the 4 gospel writers have symbols) is a lion. To be more accurate a winged lion.

For teaching my children about the saints, especially the gospel writers, I want to do something fun. Today, we had a day of rest. The kiddos were tired. I did want us to paint and read stories, but that hasn’t happened and probably won’t happen. For dinner, my plans had to change too. I wanted to make pasta de San Marco, but life had other plans.


Alright, which was written above was written on Sunday, April 25th. It is now Monday, April 26th, so that should tell you how real life, my life is. Anyways, last night, I made a risotto with chicken and veggies. The kiddos liked it (except for my picky eater- she doesn’t like anything but french fries, Colby jack cheese, and juicy red pepper) I had some time to work on knitting projects. So why not share what I have created.

That is all for today. Ciao,


Tuesday knitting tips #1

Last week on my Instagram, I shared some knitting tips and I labeled it Tuesday Knitting tips. I want to expand on that post and share some more tips. Below I will share what I wrote up last week.

This week I want to talk about Knitting cast ons. I am sure many of you who knit know there are different types of cast ons with the two most popular being the simple cast on and the long tail cast on. From there come other types of cast ons including casting on with two needles, the Italian cast on, and so much more. The one I tend to do the most is the Italian cast on. I also favor the long tail cast on. I was thinking of making a video for you all, but my kiddos are never quiet enough for you to hear what I am saying. So I am just to going to share one from You Tube.

The video about shows the Italian on. Below shows how to make a slip knot because that is one of the most important things in knitting. The following video shows the simple (He calls it basic) cast on.

Now that you know some different ways to cast on, I am going to provide my tips below.

Hopefully this helps you all with some knitting. I can’t promise videos because my house is always loud, but maybe one day I can make one.



Happy Feast Day Bernadette

I am sure if you have been following me for liturgical living, I have disappointed you all. I am doing my best, and I know I need to make some changes, but sometimes, it gets hard being a mom and making sure to live liturgically. Which is why I am okay with doing it the easy/lazy way.

Today, is not going to be lazy. Today is the feast day of Saint Bernadette! (In some places her feast day is Feb.18th but where I am her feast day is today.) Since Bernadette is a big saint in my life, and I have shared her story before (My Our Lady of Lourdes post talks about her) I am going to keep this brief with Bernadette was 14 years old when our Lady appeared to her in the grotto. Bernadette was a sickly child and suffered from asthma. (I have asthma too, which is one of the many reasons I feel close to this saint) Bernadette was illiterate, and didn’t have her first holy communion until after she saw Our Lady. Bernadette only lived to the age of 24. Her body is incorrupt (I will post a photo below- but what it means is that her body is still warm to the touch and hasn’t decayed.)

Bernadette has a few quotes (okay, she has many quotes) that I love. She really speaks to my soul. Today, we are going French with our food. We are having Chicken Cordon Blu for dinner tonight. For dessert we are going to have macaroons with hot chocolate bombs. We got our sweets from a local cafe called Sissy’s Cafe.

Saint Bernadette (Shining light doll) Our Lady of Lourdes (My own knitting creation) Our Lady of Knock (Shining light doll- my little added her to the picture)

This week I finished another knitted Our Lady of Lourdes. I am still knitting up a ton and will be showing more of what I have knitted but today is a day to celebrate a saint. I hope you feel called to learn about Saint Bernadette. She is such a powerful saint. I will post some images I found on the web below.