My newest Saint

I have been working one making these adorable little saint dolls for when I open up my Etsy shop.

Our Lady of Good Help. She appeared in Champion, WI in October of 1859. She appeared to a Belgium immigrant named Adele. Our Lady asked her to pray for the sinners, and teach the children. That is just What Adele did. In 1871 there was a huge drought in the Midwest. Many of you know about the Chicago Fire,but how many of you know about the Peshtigo Fire? It occurred in WI on the same day, and was deadlier. In fact, as of right now, it is still the deadliest fire in the history of the United States. It burned 1.2 million acres, destroyed 16 towns, jumped the waters of Green Bay, and took the lives of 1,152 people. The fire was set on course to burn down the chapel that Adele’s father built at the site of where Mary appeared. Miraculously, the fire didn’t burn down anything at that spot. While all around the spot was burned down to nothing but ashes, this spot was left untouched. You can find more about Our Lady of Good Help here and at the Shrine’s website.

Now that she is done, I can get started on other saints. This next one, will be fun to knit up. I am hoping he (yes he) turns out cute. He will be sent off to someone else, He isn’t mine to keep for right now. I also want to let you all know that I am working up a how to on making an “Baby Mando” my children love him, so why not share him.

So look for that post soon. Until later, Ciao!


What are Ember Days?

This week is the Spring Ember Days. Raise you hand if you know what the Ember Days are? Not many people do, and even those who do are very confused. I will do my best to break them down for you, but just so you know, I am not the best at apologetics and explaining things within the church.

I included some images found on line about the Ember Days. They happen every season. You would fast on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Each Ember day season has a theme. For Spring it is giving thanks for light, nature, and rebirth. This week we will be meatless for the 3 Ember Days. You can find out more about the Ember days the the websites I have listed below:

Catholic Herald Link

Now on to something else. After having close two 2 weeks of subzero temps we are not only about 0 degrees, but we are above freezing. That’s right, it will be above 32 degrees and may even get up to 40!!! Cue me dreaming about my garden and opening up some windows. Also going outside without a coat because I am like that.

Alright, that is all for now. Until later, Ciao!


My weekend project

Alright , when I started this blog, I talked about how life can be messy. Well, it can and life can be busy too. I started this post on Sunday, and all I was able to do was write a title before I got pulled away, my toddler exited out of the internet, and I was needed. So here I am, Monday morning, trying to finish this post I wanted to post yesterday, with my children doing their morning craziness. Are your kids wild in the morning or is it just mine?

Alright, so now on to my project. I wanted to have a nice, and easy way to teach my little ones the stations of the cross. I thought about doing a garland that I could hang around my house, but I don’t really have a good place for it. Maybe when we get a new house. (I could write a whole post about that topic) so what I did instead is make a flip book, while nursing a teething baby. It isn’t pretty, but it will get the job done. Plus the kids love it, so I will take it.

I got the images and prayers from Family in Feast and Feria. Check them out, maybe you will find something you like from them.

Until later, Ciao!


Lemons, knitting, and needles

Okay, so the title probably makes no sense to you, unless you know me personally. Even then, maybe you will be confused. So let’s break down this post and start with Lemons.

I love lemons. I did have a lemon tree, but she died when I moved to the city I live in now. I really want another lemon tree so I can have lemons, and I know my husband knows that I want a lemon tree. Unfortunately, we live in the frozen tundra with lots of negative degree weather and snow. I know I could grow a lemon tree, if I have a good spot in my house with lots of sun and heat…and I think I have picked that spot out, so now I just need to wait until summer. What I did before with my old lemon tree was keep her (yes, she was a girl) outside in spring, summer, and fall, then move her inside in winter. My plan is to do the same. Hopefully, this tree I get will grow, and be fruitful. Especially since I spend a lot of money on lemons. (Okay, lemons are relatively cheap, buy lemons, every week.) I don’t know if you are like me, but I cook with, bake with, drink, and yes, even clean some things with lemons. Actually, right now, I am wearing my lemon leggings, which I love.

Does anyone else drink ice cold lemon water, or just me?

Now for knitting, I finished mittens for my Pumpkin, I posted them on my Instagram, so if you want to see them please follow me. Last night, I started a new doll, I won’t tell you show she is other than the doll is a she. I hope you all like my teaser picture and if you have a guess, please let me know in the comments! (I would love yo know what you all are thinking.)

Who do you think I am making?

Last but not least needles. I could probably write a whole post about the type of knitting needles I love. I prefer wood needles over any other kind. I have had my bamboo double pointed needles since before my little Peanut was born. He is now 7, I got those needles in college, and have been out of college for 10 years, so my needles are old and bent and well, who knows how long they will hold up. So I am trying to use my metal ones, and they just don’t feel the same in my hands. Which I know sounds odd, but it is the truth. I have been looking at different needles and have fallen in love with these.

Product Image

You can get them at knit picks and they are beautiful. I am now saving up to buy them because I want them. Knit picks has other beautiful needles too, so if you are in the need for needles, please head over there and check them out. They also sell yarn. I have a whole wish list of yarn that I want too. Ideally, I need a new house, so I can have one room with all the yarn and sup[plies I want/need to start my shop. That way I would have my own little office. Until later, Ciao

Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday (depending on what you call it.) I hope you enjoy yourself this year and are getting ready for Lent. To me it feels odd that it is lent already, as I feel that last years lent didn’t end. I guess that is my first world privilege coming through. That being said, I hope you are able to make this lent a good lent for you.

My family doesn’t really celebrate today. We aren’t much of a Mardi Gras family. Is your family one that will be celebrating today? I will be making cupcakes for dessert. Otherwise today will be just a normal Tuesday. I am hoping to be able to knit today, but I need to do some cleaning first, and some laundry. Laundry…ugh.

Okay, so I was looking for funny laundry meme’s and found the one I will be posting below. I find this histerical, because I have been telling my husband this theory for years. If Eve, didn’t eat the apple, then she would have never noticed she was naked. Fig leaves wouldn’t have been used for clothing, and then there would be no laundry. Therefore, yes, this meme is correct, laundry is a sign of the curse. I blame Satan.

This image from My Merry Messy life gets me.

Anyway, I should probably end this post as I have to do laundry, mop, and clean the bathroom, along with all the other mom things I have to do. Star Sweeper wants to nurse (he nurses a lot, I am a breastfeeding mother , it is my life) I need to calm down Sweet Pea. She is starting to potty train, but also not really, and she is mad that I turned off the TV. I need to call the vet for MissCleo our dog. Her left leg keeps giving out when she runs. I also need to finish knitting up some mittens and some dolls. So much to do so little time. Until later, Ciao

Our Lady Of Lourdes!

My Our Lady of Lourdes

Today is a very special day.

On February 11th, 1858 , Our Lady of Lourdes appeared to a humble peasant girl, who would later become known as Saint Bernadette. Today is also known as the World Day of the Sick. On March 25th, 1858, Our Lady told Saint Bernadette “I am the immaculate conception.” There is no way Saint Bernadette would have known that. Saint Bernadette was illiterate.(She couldn’t read) and she hadn’t had her first communion.

On the fifth apparition, Our Lady taught Bernadette a prayer , which she never revealed to anyone but is said to have recited daily for the rest of her life. The eight apparition Our Lady is said to have told Bernadette 3 secret’s which Bernadette never revealed. The 9th apparition is when Our Lady ask Bernadette to drink from the spring. Bernadette dug in the mud and found a pool of water. That water became the healing water of Lourdes. The 12th and 14th apparitions Our Lady asked for a church to be built on that site. Then the last apparition happened on July 16th, when Bernadette kissed the ground after receiving communion. (Anyone know the significance of that date?)Our Lady of Lourdes is the patron Saint of Bodily ills. Saint Bernadette has always been a sickly child. She had asthma and other lung issues. I myself have had issues being a sickly child. My little pumpkin is a sickly child, and it seems my little star sweeper is headed that way too. I pray for them every day and ask that Our Lady of Lourdes wrap them in her mantle and help them.

Today we will be celebrating Our Lady of Lourdes and will be asking for her intercession. We started the day with blueberry muffins. We will then have a French style dinner of crepes. Last, we will have Macaroons made by a local cafe!

A Tuesday reflection

I am hoping I finish this on Tuesday. I usually start a post on Monday (sometimes Sunday) and don’t get a chance to finish until Tuesday. So hopefully, I can finish this. (It is 9:AM)

Okay,it is not (7:30 PM) so clearly, I didn’t get as much time as I have hoped to finish this. I want to be consistent with my posts, and try to post every Tuesday and Thursday. I titled this post as a Tuesday reflection. I have been thinking a lot about my children, lent, Our Lady of Lourdes, and NF. If you don’t know what NF is, it is Neurofibromatosis.(NF) Two of my children have NF, in fact they have NF1 (There are 3 different types of NF). I wrote up a small post about NF here, and am going to go a bit more into detail.

NF1 is a mutation on the 17th Chromosome. The central nervous system never finished developing. There is a lot with NF, but there is one thing you need to know, THERE IS NO CURE.

Image found here

I have two little ones with NF. When my little girl was little, way before her two younger siblings were born we made a video about NF. We talked about her journey with NF at being only 2. She was so tiny then. So little. A lot has changed. She thankfully didn’t need any surgery on her stomach. With PT her muscles strengthened. You can watch the video here and then read more about NF in the info-graphics I have shared from the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Unfortunately she does have an inoperable brain tumor. Which leads me to Our Lady of Lourdes. I have always mentioned that she has a special place in my heart. I don’t know if I can explain why, other than, there is something about this Marian apparition that feels so familiar to me, so calming to me, so… it is almost like she is calling out to me. (I know, ,stupid right?) Anyways, in Lourdes France, there is healing water from the Spring that Our Lady had Saint Bernadette dig up. (I can’t image what the people were thinking when they saw Bernadette digging in mud and drinking mud.) Having the Holy Water is calming.

Our Holy Water

I would love to make a pilgrimage to Lourdes. I believe the water from the spring will help heal my children. I know in a pandemic with two children who have weaker immune systems, traveling wouldn’t be the greatest idea, and I don’t know if we will ever get there. If we don’t get there, that is okay, because, I will continue praying for there to be a cure. One day, I hope that my baby girl, and her little brother, have a cure and no longer have to live with the pain they live with.

A knitting teaser

I have been very busy knitting. Extremely busy. I have been making little saint dolls. They are 4 to 6 inches tall and perfect for little hands. I am making some popular, well known saints, and some not so popular more obscure saints. Eventually I will open a little shop with saints for sale. Look for that opening up soon. Until then, some of you may know who I made, others might not.

Planning for February

I am trying to get this being on top of things and plan out my month. Especially because there are some fun liturgical feast days coming up.

Feb 2nd is Candlemas

Today (Feb 2nd) is not just Groundhogs day, but it is also Candlemas. If you still have your tree up, you can take it down today. Today is the feast of the presentation of Jesus in the temple. I figure to celebrating my family would read the bible. (Luke chapter 2, 22-40) and light a few candles. I don’t have anything special for dinner as my kid’s Catholic school is doing a drive through chili dinner tonight. So we are getting chili.

The Feast of Saint Blaise

Next on the 3rd comes the feast of Saint Blaise. I was really sad that there was no blessing of the throats this year after mass. I guess that is what happens during Covid times. So I found some paper candles my kids can color and then we can “bless” each other’s throats. As for dinner, I wanted to use my sweet potatoes, but I needed to change my plans around, so instead we will be finishing up some lasagna I made.

Our Lady of Lourdes

February 11th is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. She is a bit of a big deal in our house hold, as she is my favorite Marian apparition. (Am I allowed to have a favorite?) One of my littles is also named for her, so we have to go all out and celebrate. I will hopefully make another post about her, but are you ready? We will start the day with blueberry muffins. We will have crepes with strawberries and nutella for dinner and for desert, some blueberries and whipped cream. We will read about Saint Bernadette, and probably watch one of the many movies we have on Bernadette and our Lady of Lourdes.

Then we come to Valentine’s day. I have no idea what we will do. So come back to me on that. I do hope you enjoy these images of Valentine.

Get your ash to church.

To end this month is Ash Wednesday. (Okay, it doesn’t actually end the month, but it does come close to the end. ) So, if your parish is offering mass, please go.